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Come Join Us

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Nursing Career Opportunity as to join our professional medical team

Benefits :
1. APC
2. Professional Training & Courses
3. Various Allowances & Incentives
5. Annual Leaves
6. Bonus 

For more information, contact us now for more details.



Administrative staff entry requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or similar related field
• Proficient in Chinese, Malay and English communication and writing
• Basic computer operations including Microsoft Office such as Excel, Word, etc.

Scope of work for administrative staff:
• Good communication and intercourse skills
• Process and resolve customer requests and notifications
• Perform paperwork and bookkeeping
• Process other documents related to company operations
• Purchase office supplies and equipment needed by the company, etc.
• Oversee the maintenance of office facilities and equipment
• Perform other related duties as required

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